I don't remember seeing you get that great shot!  (recent Bat Mitzvah mom)

 I consider this the ultimate compliment

My focus is on capturing the story of your family's day - the emotions, connections, warmth and joy, in an unobtrusive way.

My priority is to be sensitive to you and your guests.  I think of myself as a "fly on the wall."  I use minimal equipment.  Your guests won't be blinded by giant flashes.  I've heard over and over from clients that they appreciate this approach. 

While of course I take lots of pictures of your child, I also make a great effort to document the coming together of your family and friends enjoying each other and celebrating together.

You can be confident that I understand what this important day is all about for your family.  I have an appreciation of flow of the day and all of the key elements.  I have been to many Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, both as guest and photographer. 

I also had my own...

(Me and my siblings at my Bat Mitzvah way back when!)





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   Candle Lighting... then and now..

   Candle Lighting... then and now..